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photo story of a model photographer in washington dc

do I have what it takes to be a model?

do I have what it takes to be a model?. being a model can be a dream job but if you’re considering modeling as a career, you need to understand … Continue reading

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photoshoot of a model with edgy poses

I was doing a shoot with this model who had been looking for a photographer in the dc area with whom she could connect. she set up a fashion style … Continue reading

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fashion vs model photographer part 1

fashion vs model photographer part 1. people think that fashion and model photography are the same. in this two-part series we’re going to examine what makes them different. First, let’s … Continue reading

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picture of a model with mirror and lighting effects

this is a picture from a model photo shoot where I decided to experiment with gels to get some curious lighting effects. there was a full size mirror so I … Continue reading

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fast forward to georgetown

if you really want to kill your business, choose an uptown location with no mass transit station nearby. if that’s enough bury it in the basement of a store that … Continue reading

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last shoot with k asian model

this model was about the second one I had done a shoot with when I opened my photography studio in takoma park, and about the first to do a shoot … Continue reading

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blonde model with curly hair

beauty shot of a model with blonde curly hair I met through model mayhem. she has a structured face very appropriate for makeup to give her a fierce fashion look. at … Continue reading

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sexy photo of a blonde short hair model

this is another picture of lisa one of my favorite models when I just opened my studio and doing a lot of lighting test. this photo is subtly sexy with … Continue reading

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photoshoot with model + makeup and hair

stephanie is a young aspiring model whom I contacted through model mayhem at  a time I wanted to experiment more with lighting and makeup. I had already done work with … Continue reading

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