sharpfocus: model headshots|model photography

photo story of a model photographer in washington dc

photo shoot of an editorial male model

headshot of a male model in dc

photo shoot of an editorial male model.

I think this guy found about sharpfocus photography on google. he booked a photoshoot for model headshots and seemed to know what he was looking for. unlike most aspiring models who are quite unsure and ask you a lot of questions to feel secure, he had done his homework. he had done good planning for the shoot. he had brought the right mix of clothes for different looks, from sporty to business suit. lighting setup was pretty straightforward. With every look, I would decide which angle and how to vary lighting to bring about his figure or the expression on his face. the routine was set. for the casual look I’d take headshot, half body shot. then on the sporty and dressy looks, I would also shoot full body shots too. for male models, gq is a good source for studying poses without trying the craziest ones. It’s called ‘edgy’ but sometimes you wonder. once in a while, I’d suggest a pose or two and he would try them. some were lucky, some others less so. I told him that I was a photographer, not a model. if I suggest a pose, if he likes it , he will try it. then we both take a look to determine if it falls right. after a few lighting variations, a few changes of clothes and a good mix of shots, we had put in the box quite a good many pictures. the hour was winding down and he seemed to have quite a good experience. I promised to have the pictures processed as soon as possible – which usually means before the end of the night. he made his selection promptly and I asked him if he wanted a cd or electronic files. he said that he would be fine with me sending the images by email.


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