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photo story of a model photographer in washington dc

photo shoot with blonde hair model in dc

headshot of a blonde model in dc

photo shoot with blonde hair model in dc.

this shoot came about at a time I was in desperate need of makeup to take my photography to the next level. I had worked with muas before but most of the stuff was kinda run of the mill. so I contacted one who was willing to do a photo shoot with me. I was still active on model mayhem so it was easy for me to contact one of the models I was friends with. I have this russian girl named zlata, with platinum blonde hair and great looks who agreed to a test shoot where I was gonna focus on lighting and makeup.

she showed that she had extensive experience in front of the camera and was posing very gracefully without cues. we were all excited and the makeup artist went out of her way to secure wardrobe for shoot by procuring outfits from a clothing store in washington dc. we had everything except that we didn’t have a hairstylist. To me it wasn’t an issue as long as we came up with some great headshots and few body shots that I needed to spruce up my model photography.

we all needed a few more photos for our portfolios. we did a few different looks with makeup going from light to dramatic, specially with a dark smoky eyes that deeply contrasted with zlata’s blonde hair. I had a fluffy panel that I got from another artist that I was using as a backdrop. this turned out to be one of the most exciting photo shoot that I’ve had in years. the model was very cooperative shifting from smiling to dramatic looks. even when she was smiling, it wasn’t the cheesy portrait smile, but rather a Barbie doll smile.

we shot until late at night and at one point we decided to wrap it up because we were having so much fun, we knew we needed to stop. I processed the shots fast and as soon as I posted them on my website, the model picked out her favorite and posted it on her profile.

blonde model with dark blouse sitting on a stool headshot profile of a blonde model with makeup headshot of a blonde model fiddling with her hair


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