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photo story of a model photographer in washington dc

promotional headshots of a model in dc

headshots of a model in dc.

I did some headshots of jeanette a promotional model in washington dc that I met through model mayhem. it was a fun photo shoot that she carefully planned. she had a makeup artist and a hairstylist and it took them about one hour to finish their job before the shoot could start. she also had a lot of clothes to allow for wardrobe changes. normally on a photo shoot, a model is allowed up to 3 changes of clothes but she had more. I try to not restrict people. since I was not busy that afternoon, time was not really of the essence. depending on the outfit that she was wearing I would determine what type of shots we were gonna take. we had as many variations as possible, starting with basic modeling headshots, to full body shots, including half body shots. since she had a lot of connections in the marketing world, she wanted to do a portfolio update with an emphasis on pitching products that she could use in her marketing and pr material. we did a few photos with a dressy look and wide brim hat, then proceeded with some more business casual. eventually we did some sporty looks with the prominent logo of nike.


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