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photo story of a model photographer in washington dc

photoshoot of a model with edgy poses

picture of a model with striped shirt in an edgy pose picture of a latina model in black dress with eyes closed picture of a latina model holding a fan over her face

I was doing a shoot with this model who had been looking for a photographer in the dc area with whom she could connect. she set up a fashion style shoot and brought a vast array of clothes. she did her own makeup and hair was flowing right. she had a few scars on the face but I told her that it was no issue. photoshop would take care of them. we did a few shots in formal black dress using a few prop on a latin theme. then she changed to a colorful blouse accessorized with jewelry. after a series of shots, she wore white pants and an orange and white striped shirt. finally in a more relaxed blue jeans and dark shirt with white imprint on it. as the shoot went along, she was getting increasingly creative. at one point she had the inspiration for an edgy pose using a chair as a prop, that I later learned, was inspired by flashdance. I didn’t watch the movie.



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