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photo story of a model photographer in washington dc

fast forward to georgetown

if you really want to kill your business, choose an uptown location with no mass transit station nearby. if that’s enough bury it in the basement of a store that is not closely related to your business. that’s what I did for nearly one year when I had my studio on 14th street. business was very slow. so it was a relief when the lady who owned the store told me that she was moving to georgetown if I was willing to move with her. georgetown is the wealthiest neighborhood in washington dc and the wisconsin avenue and m street are the locale for most of the brand names in fashion. so having a photography studio around fashionable people sounded like a bright prospect. the store was gonna be located in georgetown park mall in a space previously occupied by banana republic. we were all very excited.Image

in the past few years, malls have been falling out of grace. it’s in that context that we moved to georgetown. rent was cheap because stores were moving out. stores were moving out because traffic was dwindling. it’s a vicious cycle. once the foot traffic starts slowing down, big name store start moving out. when the big name stores move out consumers have little interest in  visiting the mall. so the traffic that we expected didn’t materialize. people were still coming to georgetown but since all of the big name stores were outside, they wouldn’t bother visiting the mall.  rent was high – by my standard – and business was slow. so I had to move out fast. but not fast enough to get a few test shoots in the new location. yes, I did get a few paying clients. for the 4 months that I stayed there, I didn’t get enough clients to justify paying the rent.Image


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