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last shoot with k asian model

this model was about the second one I had done a shoot with when I opened my photography studio in takoma park, and about the first to do a shoot with, with a makeup artist. actually during that shoot, I had makeup as well as hair. the stylist did an awesome job but in a fashion shoot, everything – makeup, hair, wardrobe and styling – needs to be coordinated around a concept. for a test shoot, it was good though to see the limits of what could be achieved. I had my head teeming with ideas for beauty shots. I met a makeup artist through and she agreed to work with me. I have always decided against paying for makeup. but I was very eager to get my portfolio to an agency grade. I brought some clippings from vogue and said it was ok. we did a second shoot with the new artist but the results weren’t great. at this point, I was still looking for a hairstylist to impress me. I found one lady who was willing to do a test shoot with me but we couldn’t find a makeup artist. I’m a fan of natural beauty anyway so a lack of makeup wasn’t gonna ruin the shoot. plus I could still use photoshop to add glamour to the best shots. the hairstylist did a great job and did 3 different looks. I think what failed to make the shoot great was that the wardrobe was a little blah! it was early fall but we didn’t have enough colors on the wardrobe.ImageImageImage


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