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blonde model with curly hair

blonde model with curly hair

beauty shot of a model with blonde curly hair I met through model mayhem. she has a structured face very appropriate for makeup to give her a fierce fashion look. at the time, I was working out of the studio on 14th street, nw washington dc. We really didn’t have a concept for this shoot. I was most interested in testing some lighting setup and also seeing how the makeup would work. I had just finished reading a book about fashion photography and there were a few lighting techniques that I wanted to try out. I gave the makeup artist free reign to do whatever she wanted. all I was interested in was to see how the makeup would come out under certain lighting conditions. in my opinion she didn’t go far enough to give this picture the dramatic look that I was going for. what you see with the naked eye will look different after the picture has been taken. The camera picks up some details better but also has a way of desaturating some colors – specially eye shading. we did achieve some interesting effect with the hairlight striking at an angle and creating some halo and the model is looking straight at the lens with her blue eyes giving the snapshot some wow effect.

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