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photoshoot with model + makeup and hair

stephanie is a young aspiring model whom I contacted through model mayhem at  a time I wanted to experiment more with lighting and makeup. I had already done work with the makeup artist karen and the result was decent though a little shy. there was some missed opportunity to come up with some bold makeup enhanced by the lighting. at about the time we were scheduling the shoot, a hairstylist from pennsylvania contacted me with his desire to work with me on the project. so it promised to be more fun. I had rented the basement of a clothing store. through her connection, the lady informed a wardrobe stylist who was working with her and the guy volunteered to style some of the shoots. I was very excited but soon learning like the adage ‘too many hands spoil the broth’. it started innocently with the hairstylist and makeup artist pulled off a decent look. but the clothes that the model brought were nothing fancy. and it takes a lot of craftsmanship to style ordinary clothes into something glamorous. the hairstylist worked his magic by producing different looks but it started looking funny when the makeup artist elaborately drew some butterflies around the eyes. I have a zen approach to headshot photography and arts in general, so for me to add something, it really has to enhance the look. so it has to be sophisticated, refined. what I learned from that experience is that it help bring all the members of a team up to speed and make sure we all speak the same language. something that is hard to do when people have conflicting schedules, live miles apart and worse, they’re not getting paid.ImageImageImage


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