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film days – photoshoot with an asian model

I have already written about this model. she has been one of the first models who wanted to shoot with me since I had a studio. actually she’s the second. I was bustling with ideas that I wanted to try in the studio. I contacted a makeup artist who agreed to work with me tfp. I was shooting film because it was still prevalent in photography. while I was working out the details of the shoot, someone contacted me asking if I had a hairstylist for the shoot. I was looking for a makeup artist, now I had a hairstylist too! that was an opportunity that I couldn’t help but rejoice in. we did two looks. the makeup didn’t look that great and was a little caky but the hairstylist was a master of his craft. I had tried a few closer-up to focus on the hair but now I realize that since I didn’t have that much experience shooting hair, I didn’t do him much justice.

asian-model-hairstyle asian-model-smiling asian-model model-kimono_32 model-on-wall

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