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photo story of a model photographer in washington dc

photoshoot with megan

megan is an aspiring model that I contacted through model mayhem. she’s a beautiful woman with long brown hair and an athletic physique. I think she told me that she played hockey or something like that. my focus was makeup and lighting so I didn’t really do any fitness type of shoot. her shoot was the third and last that I was supposed to do with a makeup artist who had underwhelmed so far. one lady contacted me and told me that she was a wardrobe stylist and wanted to join the shoot to add images to her portfolio. in those days, i’d take contributions without requesting pictures to get a better idea of what their style was. she really didn’t add to the pictures. but since the makeup was not great anyway, having this wardrobe couldn’t make it worse. the model was a good sport and I don’t think she was really taking it seriously and was having great fun. as far as lighting possibilites, it was alright but the pictures couldn’t be proudly displayed on a portfolio. I ended the collaboration with the makeup artist and never heard from the stylist again. I planned a second shoot with the model but it didn’t happenImageImageImageImageImageImage


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