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photo shoot with new makeup artist – 01

we had agreed to have 3 sessions, each with a new model and a different look. I was very impressed with the first asian model and she was very cooperative but the makeup was a little cakey. so I thought this time around, I would have something greatly different. I also met on model mayhem another model with good looks who had agreed to do a shoot with me and the makeup artist. so we arranged to have both girls come and shoot back to back. we didn’t have a hairstylist this time but I wasn’t too worried about that as long as the makeup would shine. first photoshoot didn’t go all that well. she worked hard but I didn’t see anything close to the images that I had shown and what I was expecting. to me the makeup was plain. it didn’t have anything that shouted ‘fashion’. not like what I would see done by photographers on fashion magazines like vogue. the shoot with the second girl ended up even worse. she had a better sense of style and had an idea of how she wanted to look. though I was no makeup expert, I could hardly see a difference between the first application and the second. we did the shoot but the girl was furious, she didn’t like the makeup at all. she’d tell me later that it made her look trashy. out of the second shoot, there’s hardly one picture that I could use.Image


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