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photo story of a model photographer in washington dc

petite model with short dirty blonde hair

petite model with short dirty blonde hair

I was doing a model photo shoot for a fashion boutique in georgetown dc and lisa was one of the first to respond to the casting call. she sent a snapshot that was very amateurish but you could see that she was beautiful and creative. she’s petite size with a keen sense of fashion and was interested in giving the modeling gig a try. we did a first photo shoot and she did quite well for a beginner.

picture of model with a line blouse

it was a long session during which there was a lot of wardrobe changes from a wide array of clothes. the store owner wanted to inventory her clothes for display on a website that she was having built. so we shot everything from business suits, casual wear, evening dresses, as well as a few bikinis.

by the time I met lisa, I had started investing in studio lighting and was very interested in experimenting with different setups. I had studied some advanced lighting techniques but when you shoot on location you don’t have much control since you’re dependent on sunlight. the studio frees you from that constraint, so I was all too happy to have a blast. these photo shoots mark the end of an era. I had done much in terms of taking headshots of people in natural light. then all my dreams were to one day step into a studio and experiment with all the crazy ideas that I had about creative lighting. I was really looking to explore new creative avenues with my photography. since I had a background in fashion, I look at the photographs in vogue magazine and ask myself ‘what do these pictures have that mine don’t?’


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