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asian model with hairstyle

this model I contacted through model mayhem. I saw some photos on her profile done by other photographers and saw potential. she was the first I worked with when I tried to add makeup to my portfolio. I had a makeup artist whose work I reviewed. I thought her makeup was cakey, since I was starting out, I kinda thought ‘beggars can’t be choosers’. she was kind enough to volunteer to work with me while my portfolio was not eye-popping. way into the planning of the shoot, I receive an email from a hair stylist who asked me if I needed help for my shoot. I took him up on the offer and was treated to one of the most awesome photo shoot that I had so far. I was still in the first months at my studio in takoma park. I was paying the rent but no business. though it wasn’t rosy, I was steadfast because I knew well it’s like that when you’re starting out. I had done only one shoot before. it was just the model without makeup. so this was gonna be my second shoot. I went past the nervousness of the first shoot and was really excited and looking forward to coming up with something great. the makeup artist was the first to arrive. when I went to meet her at the door, I was impressed at how beautiful she was. she had such a clean makeup that if you had a few models to shoot with, you’d think she was one. I had to wait a little longer for the model to arrive. then the hairstylist  I eased them to a corner of the studio and let them work at their craft. I was expecting to see one wait for the other to be done to start. but to my surprise, while the makeup artist was layering powder, the hairstylist was busy twisting strands of hair. he proved to be a very talented artist. I thought some people were very skilled with hair but never thought about it as art really. to my surprise I was seeing a model who walked in almost like plain jane being transformed into a stunning beauty. I set my lighting right. the makeup came up a little short. the hair was nothing short of glamorous. we did two makeup looks and the hair was styled differently. he came up with a few looks that could’ve been enhanced if we had different models. at the time, I wasn’t thinking wardrobe. with hindsight, I realized that a shoot really comes together when all aspects are well coordinated. when the model agreed to do the shoot, she promised that she was gonna raid her closet. what she turned up with looked like what she’d wear on a daily basis. not something that she’s wear to a party or something like that. I was still shooting film and I had great experience shooting in natural light. my studio experience was limited but I was ready to explore new possibilities in lighting. after the shoot, I lost sight of the makeup artist. I think she was busy doing weddings. the hair stylist told me that he was moving to california. to which I told him with such talent, he needed to move away from wahington, dc. a few months later, I had a shoot and I thought it would be great to have hair too. since I still have his email, I sent him a message. he replied telling me that he was in california. I was not only proud of him. but I was also happy for him. he had his dream, enough talent to back  it up. and some guts to give it a go.

asian model with hairstyle

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