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first photo shoot with makeup artist

after opening a studio in takoma park for a while, I needed to build a more fashion oriented portfolio if I wanted to be credible as a model photographer. I was still shooting film because I was reluctant to embrace the nascent digital photography technology.

I placed an ad for models and makeup artists. I received a few responses so I selected one model and the only makeup artist who emailed me. as we were setting up the shoot, I received an unlikely email from a hair stylist who wanted to build his portfolio and I gladly agreed.

the model was a beautiful petite vietnamese girl whom I met from model mayhem and I was excited to work with a makeup artist and a hairstylist. everybody showed up on time and let them work their magic. it was very interesting that while the makeup artist was applying powder, the hairstylist was busy curling hair. we did 2 different looks.

I was vividly impressed by the hairstylist. he really knew how to do hair and loved very much what he was doing. since it was the first time that I was working with a makeup artist, I was clueless as to what look I was going for. so I let her choose. the makeup was alright and I learned a little from that experience, which prompted me to study makeup artistry a little more seriously afterward.

 picture of an asian model with makeup and hairstyle

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