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my first photo shoot with a model

first model I photographed this is the first model that I ever photographed. we met online. I can’t even remember the right circumstances. probably on yahoo groups. as a photographer starting out I was looking for a model to build my portfolio. we agreed to a shoot. I didn’t have a studio so we had to take the pictures out of my apartment. I was very nervous, which made the model feel very uneasy. since I picked her up from the train station, we proceeded.
when I hold a camera, no matter how nervous I am, after a few clicks, I’m in my element. it was a slow start because we both had to overcome our uneasiness but  after a while it started picking up the pace. I can get very creative with a lot of ideas. I was bouncing from an idea to the next. I had always wanted to take pictures of a model sipping a soda. so I had a couple of cans and straw for the occasion. I popped a soda can, inserted a straw and gave her instructions for a shoot.
she was reluctant at first then cautiously held the can, making sure that she didn’t drink out of it. it then suddenly flashed in my mind ‘date rape’. I guess she thought I was gonna drug her and who knows what would happen next. I was clean but my nervousness was maybe sending a different signal. for a girl who meets strangers in their dwelling place, it’s smart anyway to take some precaustions. since the drinking was fake the pictures didn’t come out as natural. discarded.
the place was a little cramped so possibilities weren’t endless. also in the tiny space it wasn’t always easy to eliminate all the familiar objects that would make it easy to recognize the pictures were taken in an apartment. I had a basic flash kit that I bought since I was in columbus, ohio. I think that she displayed great comfort in front of the camera and we came up with some good pictures. good but not great.

I made the mistake of taking them to the cvs one hour lab with literally ruined my pictures. there was a lot of dust in the film and it was showing in the prints. I could’ve sent the films to the kodak lab but it would’ve taken a day or two. I was very impatient. I guess that’s what you get for being impatient. blonze20picture of a model standing against blue sky


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